Will Your Family Story Include Web Development?

As you prepare for your first – or maybe second – career, have you considered whether making web development part of it? Web development is becoming a highly-sought-after skill in many industries, and learning how to do it would benefit you in more ways than one. Your kids will probably know how to do it more than you as they build websites just for fun or to start their own businesses.

The guys over at appendTo shared this data with us: the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook states that the median annual pay, as of 2012, was $62,500 per year. All that is needed to enter this field is an associate’s degree, according to the BLS, but there are also intensive, private web development courses that can also prepare you to work as a web developer in several months.

Given that the growth rate for this occupation is 20 percent between 2012 and 2022, it makes sense that you might want to consider creating and maintaining websites as your job. It is a job that can be done with a company or on your own. Imagine freelancing as a web developer from your home office or even starting your own company specializing in creating websites for a particular industry. If you’re moving to a new career, you might focus your new web development business on your former industry since you know a lot about it, and this could help you meet the need of your clients better than general media companies.

Even if you’re not into starting a business or career in web development, maybe web development could be a hobby for you. Teach your kids. They’ll probably need to learn some rudimentary skills in it any way before they graduate high school. Learning to code is becoming all the rage in public schools, so give your kids a head start by teaching them yourself.

A final reason to master web development is that you can simply have fun. Have creative website building contests with your kids. Work on a site together that showcases your family’s vacations or silly antics to share with friends and family. Just enjoy the creativity that web development offers as well as the challenges that you will have to overcome working on a project together in web development as a family.

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