Family Planning

Family Planning

Before we got married, Catherine and I talked about how we hoped we could have a family that would have a boy and a girl. Something about the challenges and joys that each would provide made this idyllic family seem right. And we were lucky, right out of the gate. Anna took us from being a couple to being a family. Just two short years later, Zachary was born. We had hit our target perfectly.

Zachary hasn’t gotten much ink on my blog yet. Almost to his first birthday, this kid is turning out to be pretty cool. His personality has been blossoming over the last several months and I really cannot imagine our family without him. He is trying desperately to tell us what has been on his mind and I am looking forward to the day when I can have a conversation with this little man. Excepting, of course, during the question phase. I am hoping he is a little less inquisitive than his big sis. 

As Zachary tries more and more to assert his independence, I’m noticing something peculiar with Catherine. I am almost certain we are about to have a conversation about broadening our family circle. I’m not opposed to the idea, mind you. But I wonder if having them all so close together in age (2 years apart) is the best plan. I’ve spoken to co-workers and others who have followed that path and have been warned that while the closeness in age is great for their adolescent years, the financial strain, come college age, can be nerve wracking.

I would be interested to hear more pros and cons to having your children closer together in age as opposed to spacing them out a bit. Also, as Catherine has twins that run through her family, I am more than a little nervous about having 4 kids (or more), aged 4 and under. Am I overthinking this? What are your thoughts?

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